Santa Paolina: the origins of the territory of Castelmozzo


The Treasury Castremuzzo

The old legend, handed down by tradition and enhanced by the fertile imagination of simpletons, says that in ancient times, near the Castrum-Mutii, was buried a chest full of precious objects, gold coins and craft works, remnants of a civilization waned ; that case is looked at by the evil spirits of the wicked bandits and damnation; that only the blood of innocent creature sacrificed to the god << wealth >>, the Moloch tyrant soul of all people, of every age and nation could appease the satanic spirits of those whose life belonged riches, messisi to guard them, defend the point of exasperation, to become the executioners of the cruel suffering of men, requiring the virgin blood of innocent creatures weak, beautiful and dear: relief of the person tired, all’abbattuto hope, joy of the family and humanity. The greed of gold that brutalizes man. The legend is still alive and has spread to neighboring countries where the villagers have moved; in these countries the legend is more credit than to Castremuzzo and Santa Paula. And they came not just strangers, credulous and superstitious, to search for the treasure Castremuzzo. Even some magician has made inspections in the area.


L’azienda vitivinicola Annicchiarico è sita in Santa Paolina, in provincia di Avellino.
C.da Castelmozzo Santa Paolina - Av tel. 0825/964219 – 328 3273516

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