Campania Aglianico I.G.P.

Name: Campania Aglianico
Vine: Aglianico 100%
Planting density: 3000 vines per hectare
Form-breeding system: espalier-guyot
Yield: 80 quintals per hectare
Grapes Source: Castelmozzo (Santa Paolina) Italy
Soil: Clay-sandy
Height: 500 m s.l.m.
Exposure: South
Year of planting: 1989/2009
Harvest: late October exclusively by hand
Wine-making: de-stemming, soft pressing
Fermentation: at a controlled temperature not in chestnut tina for 12-15 days
Ageing: in oak barrels for three months, steel for twelve months
Characteristics: ruby red color is characterized by a strong, black cherry aroma with tannins soft and spicy notes
Pairings: appetizers and meat dishes, game, red meats, cold cuts, cheeses and roasted chestnuts